Home Renovated For Music, Art And Accessibility

When Gemma Kennedy and Bradley Kayser worked on renovating their 1940s home back in 2013 in San Antonio, they got guided by some main concepts.

They wanted to have something they could get old with and also matched the things they liked such as music, art and light.


A home of their dreams

It took them two and a half years including a demolition of a current addition and a new construction. But, Kennedy and Kayser got the perfect house they wanted and envisioned.

Natural light shines through the opened-up main living rooms. The couple’s family and folk art collection is visible in every room. Music is also playing often than not. They had also installed an almost noise-free air conditioning system as well as wiring for speakers in-wall in order to complement the sound proof plaster walls. Thus, creating an acoustically beautiful home environment according to Kayser.


Pre-construction process

Prior to the beginning of the construction, they worked in a well planned design process. They planned a home that will accommodate all the furniture and the art they kept, likewise all the accessibility needs. They thought of how to position their dining table so overhead lights will hit the centre. They made meticulous hallway specifications so Kayser’s grand mum’s writing desk will fit at an end perfectly. Also, so there is room for the folk art and antique furniture, with much of South-western or Mexican influences, which they have collected.

They also took note of accessibility, and their home includes a walkway in the backyard patio with the width fit for wheelchairs.


A collaborative effort

Lisa Walker, a landscaper, helped with the home’s greenery. Robin Black, interior designer, helped with placement of furniture. He also determined the walls to remove in order to open the space up. Jim Smith, a colourist, helped draw light to the house. He made use of creams for interiors and blues and peaches for cabinets and walls.



Truly with help from professionals, a dream home can be achieved. Look for a Plastering Contractor in Sydney or any local company for a stress-free home renovation.