Helping Start-Up Businesses With Virtual Offices

It is always a challenge to set up your own business. There are a lot of preparations such as searching for the right business located and setting up the office or area where the operation will be. This is a draining task, not just physically but also financially especially for new start-ups.

The good news is that a recent idea is starting to gain popularity and it will make things easier for start-up companies as well as those frequent travelers for the purpose of business.

The idea was suggested by Esther Muchemi, who is also a businesswoman and the concept makes it possible for entrepreneurs to get a temporary office that has all the equipment along with a mailbox and a support staff to help including receptionists and cleaners. It will make their work easier for them.

Muchemi said that she thought of the idea while on a trip on another country. She shared how she went to the United Kingdom and stayed there for around six months because of personal reasons. At the same time, she needs to do some task for work.

There she was able to find a convenient place where she can sleep on the upper floor of the building while downstairs she has her own office space. During the entire duration of her stay, Muchemi was amazed because she was able to work in a convenient environment and have an accommodation at the same time given at an affordable rate.

When she went back to Kenya, this is when she recreated the idea she have in mind.

Back in 2005, Space International was built by Muchemi which is a mixed-use facility located in Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi. The building has five rooms serving as a studio, a number of meeting rooms, 13 virtual offices, a large boardroom and 12 single offices. All of these amenities are available for rent but only on a short-term basis.

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