Hearts For Music Inc., CORE Furniture Bank, Info Line, And Summa Health In Need Of Donations And Volunteers Through People Helping People

Ohio’s People Helping People is a list of organizations in need of assistance—be it financial, material, or service.

Hears for Music

Hearts for Music Inc., a non-profit orchestra program, aims to help kids and your adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to perform as musicians. Some of the children they help are people with autism and Down syndrome. They perform popular music as well as classical pieces using keyboards, iPads, and other acoustic instruments. They are in need of working iPads, used keyboards with 61 keys, xylophones, and triangles. People willing to donate can drop off their donations at Hilltop Christian Church during office hours or get in touch with their staff for pick up.

They are also in need of volunteers to help during rehearsals and performances. Interested individuals may contact them through their number or website.

CORE Furniture Bank

Community Outreach Resources Exchange (CORE) Furniture bank is an organization that provides beds and other furniture to those in need. While volunteers are required to work as furniture removalists, they can assist in driving CORE’s trucks every Wednesday to pick up donated furniture. They may also escort people at the warehouse every Saturday morning to help in organizing and finding furniture. Others may also work from home scheduling Sydney furniture removalists, if necessary, or for furniture donation pick up.

They also accept financial assistance through their website and email.


Info Line

Info Line connects people in need with providers. They often assist homeless individuals, low-income families, and the elderly.

They are currently in need of diapers for babies from homeless families who are currently under Info Line’s housing program. They also need gas station gift cards and bus passes for homeless individuals and low-income families, especially for those who need to travel for job interviews and their first few days at work. Financial assistance is also appreciated to support their other programs.

They also need volunteers to help in food pantry appointments and at the reception. Student inters and professionals with skills in video production, graphic design, data analysis, and writing are also encouraged to join.

Summa Health

Summa Health is looking for individuals or groups who could help sew heart pillows for patients with cardiac illnesses. The pillows are provided to give the patients comfort after surgery. Volunteers must work in a smoke-free environment using clean fabric and filling.