Health Insurance In Thailand For Foreigners: In The Works

Almost everyone in this world likes to travel. We get to see new places which we only see in the pages of a typical travel magazine or in a travel-related show on TV. We get to taste new food and experience new authentic cuisine which we haven’t tasted before. We get to feel first-hand on how it is to be in a new place with a brand new culture. But what happens when we unfortunately get sick during our vacation? What if you don’t have an existing health insurance? Or even if you do, there’s no guarantee that the hospital you will be going to seek medical attention will honour the health insurance that you have from your home country. If you are bound to have your vacation in Thailand and you’re from one of the member countries of the ASEAN, worry no more. The Public Health Ministry of the Kingdom of Thailand has already an appropriate form of health insurance in Thailand especially for foreigners from fellow ASEAN members.

The move was triggered by a unifying realization from the ASEAN members back in 2015 that confirming that more Asians are coming to Thailand to seek various medical attention. As a result, Thailand, under the supervision of its Public Health Ministry, has been taking every needed steps to improve its healthcare services for them to be able to meet the needs of every foreign visitor who is in Thailand for medical purposes. Also, they are proposing a different and more suitable health insurance scheme that can be used as an alternative medical charges. This scheme will be carried out on a humanitarian basis and it will not create or add any sorts of financial burdens to hospitals who will accept foreigners with health insurance in Thailand. In addition to this, this move by the Thai government will enable nurses and other professionals from ASEAN members, to move and work freely not just in Thailand but in other countries as well. And this move, according to the International Health Policy Program Office, will not, in any way, affect the availability of reliable and affordable healthcare services that are being availed by Thai citizens.