Google Play Music To Predict Your Playlist

Google Play Music is a music streaming service from Google. On Monday, the music app will be updated with a new feature that can predict the music that you would like to hear. Google is actually very confident with the app that it has completely renovated the appearance of its welcome screen in Play Music to that a user can simply tap the screen to listen to a playlist based on time, location and a variety of other factors.

Google was able to accomplish this feature through the technology of machine learning. This technology is the power behind a lot of intelligent services that Google makes that include Google Photos and the recent Google Assistant. Machine learning technology also plays into Google’s mission of using the technology as well as artificial intelligence on all its products.

However, do not expect Play Music to know your music desires immediately. Play Music has to learn your habits over time. It will recommend music until the suggestions get better the more you use the app. According to Elias Roman, the head of Google Play Music, you will notice that the playlist recommendations will become more accurate after a few days of using the app.

Competition in the streaming music space is tightening up and Google came up with the feature to stay competitive. Google has not released the number of its paid subscribers but Spotify and Apple are clearly in the lead with 40 million and 17 million paid subscribers, respectively. Recently, Amazon has also launched its own paid music streaming service.

Google will also offer an additional paid music service through YouTube. Google hopes that the update to Google Play Music will make a big difference considering that everybody hosts the same music libraries and charge the same amount for subscriptions at $9.99 per month. Expect the update to rollout this week on iPhone, Android and the web.

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