Gadget Garbage Predicted To Significantly Increase By 2017

Trash has become one of man’s nemeses which include plastics, electrical waste, paper bag, textile, chemicals and many more. This garbage if not handled properly will end up destroying the environment and will give man a daunting risk related problem.

Germany- According to a study that was just recently released by the United Nations, it is estimated that the mountain of television sets, refrigerators, cellular phones and other gadgets or electrical wasted that will be disposed annually from practically all countries is set to grow by a whooping third two years from now.

Electronic waste
E-waste is defined as any rubbish with a cord or battery. This type of waste can create a very huge problem because it contains substances that are very hazardous to animals and humans and to the environment if not treated properly. These wastes on the other hand can also be profitable in that they can be recycled.
A group of UN specialists estimates that the amount of electronic waste will significantly rise from 48.9 million tons to 65.4 million tons. This estimated weight is nearly 200 times than that of the Empire State Building.

Last year, the United States dumped the most metric tons of electronic waste which is about 9.4 million tons followed by China’s 7.3 million metric tons.

When it comes to per capita, the US is further ahead which has almost 66 pounds of high-tech waste compared to China’s 12 pounds. In an average globally, 15 pounds is assigned per person. However, China is catching up to the numbers. This is evidenced by the mere fact that last year, it has the highest volume of electronic goods on market sale.

When taken together, emerging and developing nations are already producing as much electronic waste as first world countries say the STEP secretariat, Ruediger Kuehr.

Kuehr further said that it is evident that human beings have a sense of hunger for technology in that it makes living easier. It is not only the communication but as well as the medical devices, electronic toys and washing machines that have become very popular these days.