Furniture Maker Inspired By Music In Creating Designs

KI, the manufacturing company that creates designer office furniture as well as movable wall systems used in various industries such as corporate markets, education, government and healthcare, was given an award at the beginning of the summer season. The award is one of the most coveted in the field of innovation.

The product line released by the company called Ruckus Collection has been given the Gold Award during the 2017 NeoCon World’s Trade Fair held in Chicago.

The Ruckus collection offers users with adjustable seats and desks that is able to handle both mobile and flexible teaching techniques in the classroom. The students along with the teacher will be able to move wherever they need to in order to create the required collaboration.

According to the company, they were able to create the product line because of a certain process called design thinking. KI’s vice president of design and product marketing, Shawn Green, explained further what the design thinking process is all about. He said that design thinking is an innovative approach that focuses on human. It all starts with an evaluation of the untapped human needs by observing their behaviors while they are interacting with the actual surrounding.

Green also added that the design concept was developed through the process of seeing, hearing and learning. This is different in comparison to the known design issue and the features you want to create. The process is centered on the human needs thus there are no expectations beforehand.

Dick Resch, the chief executive of KI, was the one who hired Green back in 2007 in order to implement design thinking into the culture of the manufacturing company while they develop products that are innovative in nature.

Green noted that their designer office furniture was inspired by French Impressionist music. It comes as no surprise that he comes off as a philosopher rather than a manufacturing engineer because he was able to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology while studying at Hope College located in Holland, Michigan. Greed further said that the company believes that the music is not represented by the notes itself but rather the space located between these notes.