Funeral Service In Brisbane Gave Tribute To Musician Carol Lloyd

Carol Lloyd is known to be the rock pioneer in Queensland and she was given a tribute through a public funeral service that was held in Brisbane. She was considered as the warrior of the art world.

It was last week when the 68 year old musician said her last goodbye after a long time of battle with a terminal disease called pulmonary fibrosis.

During the public funeral service, a celebration was conducted at the St. John’s Cathedral where her family and friends as well as politicians, the media and fellow musicians were able to gather to give honour to the life she had lived.

The beautiful eulogy was given by Bob Blasdall who has been a friend of Lloyd for the longest time. He was also the one who worked with the first music video that was created by Lloyd. The eulogy consisted of funny anecdotes as well as unforgettable memories they have shared in the past.

According to him, Lloyd was a restless warrior living in the art world, a warrior representing the words as well as wonderful song she has created.

Lloyd first performed with Railroad Gin before she was able to establish her own band. He was able to become successful in topping the charts and she known to be the first artist from Australia that was given the opportunity to have a publishing contract released internationally.

Troy Cassar-Daley, a country musician based in Brisbane, was also able to attend the funeral gathering for Lloyd where he expressed that Lloyd was responsible in breaking the wall that has previously limited the female artists.

He said that it was the people’s thinking that rock and roll was for men but when Lloyd came into the scene she broke the door down and was eventually able to make them see that females can also do it.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, premier and arts minister, was also in the funeral service along with Henry Palaszczuk who is her father as well as the labor stalwart. Any funeral directors in Perth would be happy to provide service to a musician so loved in her country.