For Safety Too, Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpets are used in a lot of spaces. These makes a room comfortable, sometimes colourful or elegant depending on the aura that the room is intended to project. Carpets can also muffle the sound of footsteps and can provide a cushion when someone falls. No wonder theatres are carpeted.

Keeping it clean is another important thing. The carpets in these enclosed big spaces should be kept clean and carpets shouldn’t smell musty. Carpet cleaning in Perth, carpet cleaning in Adelaide, and carpets cleaning services are all around and available depending on the location. As it is usually dark in theatres, taking good care of the carpets is one big factor. Accidents do happen but it can cost much too so it doesn’t hurt to ensure the safety of the people even with that little thing of cleaning the carpets.

In Adelaide, a woman is suing Hopgood Theatre after falling on the stairs while watching the nude comedy musical show, Busting Out. She fell when she tripped on the carpet causing her injuries. Aimee Chantel Oosterhuis attended a live show, Saturday night live performance of Busting Out, at HopgoodTheater. As she walked on the stairs, she stated that her shoes got caught on a stray piece of carpet, she tripped and injured herself. She has decided then that she will be suing the theatre for negligence and she is looking for compensation for damages. Her injuries are said to have caused her to stop working and her injuries required her to get hospital treatment. She stated that she is filing the case as the theatre has the responsibility to ensure that safety of the people and ensure that the fittings and staircases of the theatre are not unsafe and if there is, there should be warnings to show goers.

On the other hand, the management of the theatre insists that the fall was due to an accident and not due to negligence on the theatre’s side. The defence for the theatre denies that there is a frayed piece of carpet or any hazardous part in the staircase. The defence further denied that she has ongoing injuries and that she cannot go to work.

The case has a hearing set at later date as of writing. No matter what the circumstance is, carpet cleaning in Adelaide, carpet cleaning in Perth, carpet cleaning anywhere is essential for safety and for hygiene.