Florida To Welcome Dirtybird Campout Festival Next Year

For business planning to enter Florida market, it is important to apply in Florida for a Tax ID. In an exciting announcement made by music festival known as the Dirtybird Campout, they have decided to celebrate next year’s event in the East Coast. The festival has been gaining a lot of fans in California where it was held for the last three years. The event is spearheaded by Claude VonStroke, the label owner of Dirtbybird record. The festival features a variety of fun-filled camp activities including Ping Pong archery and archery. There is house music blasting in two different stages.

Next year’s event is scheduled from February 2 to 4 and it will be held at the campgrounds of Forever Florida which is located in St. Cloud. The tickets already started selling last November 4.

According to an interview made by VonStroke last year, he admits that campout is the best experiment they did. They were not sure at first if people will be interested in playing the games in the camp but they were surprised to see everyone trying out all the games. The huge risk turned out to be a good thing.

The crew of Dirtybird is not foreigners when it comes to Florida because they were the same ones that organized their first barbecue event in Miami in time with Art Basel. Many of their DJs, including VonStroke, Billy Kenny, Ardalan, Justin Martin and Christian Martin have already played in nightclubs in Fort Lauderdale as well as in Miami Beach.

The first part of the lineup has already been revealed and it has a powerhouse cast which consists of artists and friends of Dirtybird record. According to the website of the festival, there will be over 65 activities to enjoy during the event such as tug of war, comedy and kickball.

Transportation will also be provided by DIrtybird Campout and campers will have access to a bus in Miami wherein they can go back and forth the festival location. Businesses planning to operate during the event should apply in Florida for a Tax ID in order to get the necessary permits and license.