Five Factors To Consider Before Buying A Used Bike

Buying a used bike might seem to be the best option to save money. But it is a risky proposition. Buyers tend to get misled and often take wrong decisions in the spur of the moment. It is important to take an informed decision while buying a used bike, in order to save yourself and your money from fraudulent sellers.

Here are some simple tips from experts on what are the points to consider before investing in a used Honda motorbike of your choice

  • Research the model

Before to head to see the Honda motorbike and negotiate a deal with the seller, it is essential do some research about the particular model of the bike.Search the internet to get information about the brand and model of motorcycle, you intend to buy. Know about the features of the motorcycle and its prevailing price in the market. Visit the different motorcycle comparison sites and the manufacturer’s websites to know about the design aspects and technical details. All these details will help you to negotiate an apt price for the motorcycle.

  • Inspecting the bike

Once you reach the seller, the first step is to inspect the Honda motorbike, carefully. Look closely for any scratches, dents, chipping of paint etc. Ask a trusted mechanic or an experienced friend to accompany you. Inspect the parts of the motorcycle and look for any damaged or worn out parts. They may appear minor but might lead to huge expenses in the long run.

  • Start the engine

Request the owner of the Honda motorbike to keep it cool, when you arrive. Inspecting the engine when the bike is cool helps to identify engine problems easily. Always cold start a bike to observe the bike during idling and acceleration. Check for any odd noises and unusual smells.

  • Verify the vehicle identification numbers

Match the vehicle identification numbers of the motorbike on the frame and the engine. Verify the documents. Speak to the insurance company to know whether the bike is involved in any accidents.  Check with the state authorities to ensure that the motorcycle is not stolen.

  • Test ride

Taking a test ride is essential to get first-hand riding experience of the bike. It helps you to determine whether the motorbike suits your personality and riding style. Test ride also helps to assess the functioning of different parts of the bike like the engine, clutch, brake, tyres etc.

Once you are through all the steps, negotiate a fair price for the Honda motorbike and enjoy riding your dream machine.