Fence Jumpers During The Joondalup Music Festival Overwhelmed Security

Police investigation is still ongoing regarding the wild scenes that occurred during the Listen Out music festival that was held in Joondalup. The event was gate crashed by teenagers in large number reaching up to 200 and during the ordeal three of the police officers also experienced assault while one of them was bitten by a teenager.

Reports came that around 200 individuals were trying to crash the event by jumping over the fence and this caused a dozen police to respond to the scene.

According to the police, it was around 3:20 in the afternoon while the festival is ongoing that the security assigned called for assistance because there are individuals throwing rocks at the other guests and they were also pushing the external fencing that was installed for the event. This is all in an attempt to enter the HBF arena of Joondalup to join in the music festival.

The police tried to make a move to control the 200 young individuals but they started to throw random objects at them.

There are various authorities that helped during the ordeal including the Regional Operations Group, Police Canine as well as Mounted Section in their attempt to move the group away from the event.

The incident resulted to a total of three police officers being assaulted while one of them suffered a bite. The other two received physical assault from the crashers.

Among the crashers, two men and two women were charged with multiple offences including dicorderly conduct and assault on a public authority.

A 23-year old man from Roleystone was charged with disorderly conduct while a 22-year old man from Armadale was charged with assault.

The police revealed that around 15 move-on notices were given during the event while there are also complaints of broken windows around the Joondalup Area. It is important that in times like this surrounding residences have the proper security such as Perth security screens on their windows and doors.