Facebook Signs Music Licensing Deal For Oceania

Facebook, the social media titan is enjoyed by people across the world, has recently just signed a deal that’ll let people working with office furniture in Auckland and across Oceania enjoy music from the local artists of APRA AMCOS. This development follows the social media company’s multi-territory deals with local music providers, which include the likes [PIAS], Sony/ATV, Warner Music Group and others.

Facebook currently has an active monthly community of approximately 2 billion users, which is still growing across the world on a daily basis.

APRA AMCOS Chief Executive, Dean Ornmston, said, in a statement about the deal, that the company is excited to be working with Facebook in this deal to ensure that the creative content of their members and affiliates is spread to the masses via the platform, and are fairly rewarded .

He describes the deal as a huge step forward, not just for the songwriters, composers and music publishers in Australia and New Zealand, but also for the general public, who can now enjoy their music while at home or working with office furniture in Auckland, knowing that the creative minds behind the content will be properly compensated for the use of their works on the social media website.

As part of the terms of this music licensing deal, Facebook can use the millions of songs APRA AMCOS represents across the AU and New Zealand, which include, among others, the content made by its 95,000 songwriters and publisher members.

Ornmston says that the sustainability of the music industry in Australia and New Zealand is reliant on it working in tandem with platforms like Facebook in support the latest developments in music distribution, ensuring that the public has access to great music, while, at the same time, ensuring that music creators are part of an industry and an environment that supports their work properly.

Head of International Music Publishing Development at Facebook, Anjali Southward, expresses a similar sentiment, saying that the company is excited to work with APRA AMCOS, calling music an incredible media for expression and connection. Facebook, she says, looks forward to developing new and innovative methods for the use of music to connect people with each other, the communities, as well as their favourite artists.