Ed Sheeran To Perform At Your Wedding? You Must Be Extra Lucky

For some couples, planning a wedding is like throwing a big party where the bride and groom are in the spotlight. One of the important aspects that have to be considered is Best service in wedding car hire to ensure that there is comfortable transport for the couple and wedding party. Apart from the highly experienced chauffeur that goes with the wedding limo package, each limo is fitted with audio and visual entertainment system, laser lighting and leather seats.

There are a lot of music decisions that have to be made when planning for a wedding. This is the reason for the presence of music guides to make the process of selection easier for the wedding couple. However, having Ed Sheeran sing at a wedding is definitely awesome and extra exciting. This is a dream come true for many fans.

Fans of Ed Sheeran include celebrities and apparently, one celebrity has just made it known to the public that she wants Ed Sheeran as her wedding singer. Demi Lovato has stated in a recent radio interview that she is planning for Ed Sheeran and Christina Peri for her wedding. Lovato has been dating actor William Valderrama on and off for years but do not have immediate plans of marrying; however, should they do so it is definitely Ed Sheeran who will be the wedding singer.

Ed Sheeran has been in wedding-related news lately after he helped a pair of friends propose to their girlfriends in two separate occasions. These Sheeran friends include Jack Roche of Rixton and Jason Boland of Kodaline.

In addition, Sheeran’s presence at Ronan Keating’s wedding was a huge bonus. Sheeran sang a  surprise song that obviously delighted the couple as well the guests. Sheeran is hot item and everything he does becomes interesting news. When Sheeran was in Australia, he surprised a couple who won in a radio contest by serenading them with the popular “Thinking Out Loud”. The couple’s wedding was paid by the radio contest and Ed Sheeran singing was a fantastic bonus.

What do you think about Ed Sheeran? Do his abilities and qualifications fulfill your standards for a wedding singer?