Easy Steps For Losing Weight With HCG

HCG is a popular and effective method to lose weight. Nowadays, losing weight with HCG is easy with the supplement’s availability online and even from offline stores. To ensure that taking the supplement would be 100% effective, consider the following steps:

  • The first thing you need to ascertain is your excess weight. You cannot lose something that you do not have. Check the ideal weight for your height. If there is excessive weight that is the time you decide to get into an HCG diet plan.
  • Look for HCG supplement suppliers online. Mind you, there are so many of them. You just have to choose which of them is reliable. Always look for money back guarantee and read customer feedback to find out if the customers of your target supplier are satisfied with the product. Do not rush into buying HCG supplements. Conduct a good research to ensure that what you have is made of high quality product and is proven effective.
  • The next step is for you to start taking the product to realize losing weight with HCG. HCG drops is ready to take. There is no need for you to mix it. HCG should be taken 3 times a day, before taking meals. Do not eat within 15 minutes after taking the supplement. The recommended dose is .38 ml. Use a dropper with clearly marked oral syringe to make taking the supplement easier.
  • The next step is very crucial. On the first 2 days of taking HCG drops, consume high fat foods such as nuts, fatty fish, avocado, eggs, olive oil and dairy products. This will load your normal fat cells in preparation of burning off the abnormal fats that you intend to lose.
  • After 2 days, you can start with your 500 calorie diet per day. While you are taking HCG drops, make sure that you observe the number of calories recommended for dieters like you. There are available cook books for those are losing weight with HCG. Eat more of egg whites, green vegetables, shrimp, chicken, lean beef and fish.