Digital Tens Unit: The Safest Way To Manage Chronic Pain

Many people in the UK suffer long-term chronic pain. The numbers of elderly people suffering from back and knee pain are rising. Having to experience nerve pain, muscle aches and headaches may lead to depression, broken relationships and unemployment. Now a study has been made questioning the safety of typical painkillers – diclofenac and ibuprofen – after an increased risk of cardiac arrest has been observed. So what should you do with the pain? Perhaps digital tens unit and combining music can help relieve the pain.

What the new study is about?

Study author and cardiologist Gunnar Gislason of the Danish Heart Foundation says he made a study regarding current issues. It says that an increase in sudden deaths among people prescribed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; with an increase of 31% risk for those ingesting ibuprofen, and 50% on those taking diclofenac. If you are healthy, nothing can happen to you; but if you are high risk, these medications can impose a serious problem which will need a doctor’s supervision. This is a public issue that needs to be discussed, according to Gislason.

Is feeling the pain good?

The best way to treat pain is to approach a doctor, remain at work, and do regular exercise and therapies. You can also try digital tens unit which is safe to use. However, if you lose the ability to feel pain, it can really be dangerous. Experiencing heat will make you snatch your hand out of the fire. Meaning, you can experience trauma, infection or inflammation, but once healed the pain goes away. But for chronic pain, it goes over and over again making you want to find good remedies. If you are old, a female or even those living in poor housing, chances are you can feel the pain.

How to distract your brain?

The best way to heal pain is by using digital tens unit and tapping. These techniques prove strong scientific evidence that does no harm. The brain processes the signals of pain, while the techniques absorb it. A local health agency strongly suggests that acupuncture for chronic pain will make good remedy to ease out the pain. The digital tens unit and tapping techniques will trick the brain to control the pain, which can be long-lasting. You can also listen to music while doing the treatment.