Data From Serviceseeking.Com.Au Shows Tradie Price Variations

Most Aussies pretty much expect the work on their house to cost just a little bit more than what they estimate. The real shock comes when they hire a painter in Sydney, and the cost is way more than they anticipated.

Service pricing and tendering site has been digging into tradie pricing, and their research findings are shocking; revealing that the variation in tradie cost based on the customer’s postcode is big, with Sydneysiders seeing heavy variation on tradie prices based on their location.

According to the research’s data, Aussies that call for a tradie anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner City, and the North Shore pay far more than any other suburb in Sydney. Anyone from there looking to hire a painter in Sydney may have to fork over up to 49% more, as that’s the maximum variation in tradie pricing in the city. Anyone looking to hire a trader in these suburbs will definitely want to consider this bit of information.

On average, the three most expensive suburbs (ES, IW and NS), pay an hourly rate of $72.71 for tradesmen, compared to, say, the Shire, which has an average hourly tradie rate sitting between $50.74 and $57.88.

The site went and mapped out the tradie hourly charge-out rates, comparing data and finding averages across Sydney via the 40,000 quotes that that site received during the prior financial year. By applying the results to a map of the city, they managed to figure out the pricing variations across the different regions of the city.

CEO Jeremy Levitt,, says that  tradies that work on the more affluent suburbs increase their rates because they perceive the residents in those suburbs as more financially well-off, and capable of paying increased rates. On top of all that, these suburbs also see more renovations, meaning an increased demand for services related to such.

The data went into further detail, with specifics on how much each kind of tradie charges. Notably, plumbers charge higher rates for anyone living in the suburbs past north of the Bridge, with Northern Beaches and North Shore paying, at minimum, $87 per hour, compared to those in the West and South, who pay a minimum of $67 per hour.