Customers Rank Restaurants With The Best Music

Restaurants owners like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan knows that the secret to a success in the food industry is not just the food served or the design of the place but also the music played. Music plays a big influence in our lives and as consumers dine in food establishment, the music they hear is also important.

According to Brandon Solano who is the chief marketing officer of Pei Wei, a fast casual restaurant that serves Asian cuisine, they have updated their interior design together with the music played inside the store. There is a wide selection of music they plays such as indie rock, Top 40 music and even pop choices.

Solano added that the music is very important because it gives off a feeling of warmth to the diners and it also affects the mood of the workers in the kitchen. In a survey, customers have been asked about the restaurants they think have the best music.

First in line is The Capital Grille which over 40 per cent of the diners agree that it plays the best music. The rating is actually 3.7 per cent lower compared to last year. The fine-dining chain received a lot of praises from its diners who are mostly there to hangout and drink alcoholic beverages while they enjoy the ambiance.

Next is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse which is another fine-dining establishment. It received a total of 47.2 per cent positive feedbacks from diners. Forty-nine per cent of those who drank alcoholic beverages while eating think that they have an excellent playlist.

Pappasito’s Cantina received almost half of the consumers’ vote, 48.3 per cent to be exact. This food outlet offers casual dining and its music feedback increased by 7.6 per cent. There is music played from on-brand singers such as the Mariachi bands. Diners who are consuming alcoholic beverages said that 51 per cent of them love the playlist they have.

In admission by the entrepreneur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, there are customers who complain about the music of other food establishments including Hardee’s, HomeTown Buffet, Little Caesars, Burger King and Jack in the Box.