Custom Pieces: More Bang For Your Buck

In this day and age where one’s budget is considered extremely important, any decision made with regards to that is usually treated with the utmost priority. It isn’t unheard of for someone to speak of choosing a guitar they’ll be jamming with the same consideration as choosing the car that they’ll be driving or the frameless shower screen for their bathroom. Even discussing the budget; the guitar price, or the frameless shower screen price is treated with the utmost care. Indeed, all of these decisions have a lot of details to be tackled by anyone considering to make a purchase. Seeking out a product that will be used for a long time to come is clearly an important decision, and as such, should be treated with the utmost consideration.  The general consensus is that exceptional quality justifies the extra budget needed to afford it, and, as such, custom pieces are in demand, despite the increased price tag.

Obviously, a guitar and a shower screen door aren’t going to have the exact same considerations for potential buyers; you’re not going to consider how skilled you are with the shower when choosing a screen, and the size of the room isn’t important for anyone buying a guitar, nevertheless there are some considerations which are important in either of the choices. The price/budget is, of course, important, and with frameless showers becoming more popular, demand, and, consequently, price has increased.  Other important considerations are:

Naturally, regardless of what the product is, custom-made instances are more expensive than factory built, especially so for something like a frameless shower screen or a guitar. Generally, it is because of the following reasons:

  • Custom-made products are specially tailored for the buyer; meaning unique measurements. If not tailored for the buyer, a custom piece is generally designed with collaboration with a notable expert.
  • Since the buyer spends time interacting with the expert/maker of the product, expert advice is handed out.
  • Any necessary processes will usually be performed by the expert, meaning additional work.

The quality of a custom piece, however, will likely be far superior to any factory made piece.  Take for example, the Fender Edge Stratocaster guitar. A custom-built design built in collaboration with U2 guitarist The Edge, the Edge Strat® is a hefty strain on one’s budget, costing about $ 1.8K. That being said, when the guitarist of a big band like U2 “geeks out” about a piece, it exemplifies the kind of loving attention and exceptional quality a custom piece possesses, and shows why people are willing to fork of a little bit of extra cash for something special.