Curfew Imposed On Bars and Clubs In Bangkok

Tourists staying in a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit might be in for a surprise when they visit the capital city of Thailand. One scene that has made many questions is the new curfew imposed. In Dark Bar, a spot for underground electronic music, the DJ are recently packing up earlier than usual and patrons are out of the door before the clock strikes midnight. The bar does not have a very large space and the decorations are quite basic but it gotten its popularity through word of mouth. Everything was working fine until the beginning of this year when the police visited the bar and mandated a curfew to be followed.

According to the owner of the Overground bar, Grahame Lynch, the costs continues to inflate but their income is not catching up. The authorities are showing that they are proactive when it comes to keeping the nightlife scene under control.

Nod Tatong, the owner of Dark Bar, recalled how the police came and there were about 20 of them. At the beginning, they made it clear that the curfew is only required for a few months but many months have already gone by and they do not see the end coming soon. He kept questioning when the curfew will be lifted but he was only told to wait until such time that he finally decided to give up.

The small club decided to close down after its last party held on June 3. It is no surprise that nightlife spots rise and close down anywhere in the world but Bangkok took a big hit after the military coup that started in 2014.

Currently, the curfew is only mandated on bars located in Khao San Road as well as upscale neighborhood of Thonglor. The last few months there are bars that were asked by the police to close earlier than the curfew.

Because of the crackdowns and continued increase in rents, many independent clubs are closing down. Tourists booked in a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit might be able to find other bars and music scene in areas that are not affected by the said curfew.