Creating The Right Mood For An Event Through Music

During corporate events, attendees tend to network, to chat and interact with colleagues. Background music for the event must be conducive enough to blend without grabbing attention. Event organizers must avoid overpowering music that that can disrupt conversations and exchanges of ideas. Background music is only required to enliven the event and generate some energy for a lengthy evening.

On the other hand, an exhibition or an event that focuses on the younger demographic will be livelier and more exciting when the background music played is the most streamed song in music history. Despacito of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has officially become the most streamed track of all time.

The track that has been signed to Universal Music Latin Entertainment has already achieved 4.6 billion plays for the first 6 months since it was launched from its original version to the official remix featuring Justin Bieber. Because of Despacito, Bieber was able to surpass his very own world record that was previously set by “Sorry” and its associated mixes. To date, Sorry has already generated 4.38 billion plays.

The original version of Despacito and Justin Bieber’s version have had more than 1.1 billion plays on Spotify with more than 3 billion streams from the official YouTube channels. When Fonsi was asked to comment on the overwhelming success of Despacito, he said that he is deeply honoured that Despacito is now the most streamed song in music history. He further said that streaming connects audiences all over the world and helps music reach every corner of the globe.

According to Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, Fonsi is now creating world records through Despacito. Streaming has opened many possibilities for the song to have different beats from a different culture in a different language. Despacito has become a juggernaut of success all over the world.

The right choice of background music in conference and events management will easily set the mood. When music is used appropriately, it can enliven an event without grabbing attention. However, aside from the choice of music, event organizers focus their attention to all the critical details from concept to completion so that the event can add value to the organization.