Common Types of Cockroaches Generally Found Around Australian Homes

Cockroaches are the most common pests found across all households. There are different types of cockroaches, which spread deadly diseases. It is important to know about the different species of cockroaches to keep a close watch and get proper treatment done in time.

There are many different do-it-yourself home treatments available to treat cockroaches. But they work on a specific variety and are ineffective on others. It is a best decision to take the help of pest control in Newcastle to get rid of the cockroach menace.

These are the common types of cockroaches commonly found infesting homes across Australia

  1. German cockroach – This is the most common variety found in homes. The tiny cockroach has a light brown colour with dark stripes on its head. They measure 12 to 15 mm long. These roaches do not fly and reproduce at a faster rate. These cockroaches are mostly commonly found in the kitchens. They breed in the warm and moist climate of the kitchens and feast on the food spills. These roaches can also be found nesting in electrical equipments like ovens, toasters, computers and key boards. Homeowners tend to use a lot of do-it-yourself tips to get rid of these cockroaches. While it provides temporary relief, these roaches resurface immediately after the medicine loses its potency. Consult a reputed pest control in Newcastle for a permanent solution to get rid of these cockroaches.
  2. Australian Cockroach – This species is larger than the German cockroach and grows up to 30 to 35 mm in length. These roaches can fly and are usually found in the outdoor areas of the house. They prefer plant food. The cockroaches are in dark brown colour with clear yellow markings on their head. They can crawl inside from under the doors or fly inside through unprotected and open windows.
  3. American Cockroach – This is the largest of the roaches and grows up to 30 to 45 mm in length. The cockroach is in light reddish brown colour and has a yellow border around the head. These cockroaches can fly and prefer warm, moist environment. These cockroaches live in sewers, drains and rubbish dumps. They enter homes through drains and plumbing lines. They have a very unpleasant odour and prefer to infest kitchens. It is difficult to prevent these cockroaches from entering into the house as they creep in through the kitchen sinks and uncovered plumbing lines. Consult a trusted pest control in Newcastle for proper treatment to prevent these cockroaches from entering into the home and safeguard your family against deadly diseases.