Burglary and the Importance of an Alarm System

Burglary and other house theft incidents have escalated in the past years. It is therefore very important that you protect your home with a security alarm system. This is not only true for residences but to commercial establishments as well. Here are some of the reasons why this is very important.

  • An alarm system will protect your valuables. This is perhaps the first benefit that people think of when dealt with alarm systems. The number of households who lost valuables like jewelry, electronic gadgets and other high value items because of home intrusion is on the rise. The tragedy becomes even worse if the lost item is an irreplaceable heirloom of the family. If you install a home security system, it has an alarm that will scare off many burglars and it would also notify the local authorities immediately if there is an attempted break in.


  • An alarm system will deter crime from happening. In a study by Rutgers, he found out that as the number of residences adopting home security systems increased, the number of residential robberies dwindled in that specific place. Even houses without security system were benefited. Having a security alarm system in place will not only protect you but will also create a safer neighborhood for everyone.


  • An alarm system will permit remote access to your house. Modern security systems will allow the owner of the house to remotely monitor the activities in his house. You may monitor what is currently happening in your house through the cameras that are installed in your house and you can also check the lights, door locks and thermostat along with the other devices in your house.


  • An alarm system will lower your home insurance. You may be paying a monthly fee for subscribing to a security system but installing such system will also lower your insurance by about 20 percent.


  • With an alarm system, you can be notified of gas or fire problems. You may opt to receive notifications whenever carbon monoxide or smoke alarm goes off. ADT Alarm Systems can provide such service for you.