Box PC From Skylake Equipped With Certification From Medical Field

Two types of sixth generation medical box were recently launched by Wincomm. This new models of embedded box PC is a joy to behold as it can play music for users with a customizable DVD player. The computers are WPC-766 with Intl processors. It comes with a medical electromagnetic certification of IEC-60601-1. Aside from that, it has a number of features such as 4 slots for USB 3.0, 6 slots for COM, 2 slots for GbE and 2 slots for mini-PCIe. It also has a model of WPC-766E which is equipped with 16 slots expansion for PCIe.

The computers made by Wincomm, WPC-766E and WPC-766 are tagged to be medical box PCs. This is despite looking at the specs and considering that it contains features that are almost the same as other fanlesstĀ compuers designed for industrial use. The medical focus is due to the certifications awarded to the box PCs including VCCI, CE, Class B and FCC. It also has a fourth edition Medical IEC-606010-1 certification which entails that the units are suitable to be used in environments where the level of electromagnetic waves is higher than normal. This means that the units are robust and will help increase the safety level for users who are operating the system.

Wincomm did not list any OS supported by the units. Regarding the WTP-9E66 panel PC, Wincomm said that it has a touch panel with an embedded 86 pins and it comes with a signage. The industrial PCs are designed to be compatible with both Linux and Windows. WPC-766x is similar to the WTP-9E66 because of their features as sixth generation models with Intel core processing while its CPUs are equipped with Celeron Skylake.

The system is also compatible with Skylake chip that is packaged with the Intel Q170 chipset together with Intel Graphics 530. The system has two featured chips namely the i5-6500Te with 3.3GHz and the i7-6700TE with 2.4GHz. The system is also working compatibly with the Intel VPro technology used by the processors. Custom features can be added on the embedded box PC such as a DVD player, additional USB ports and 4KV card.