Be Booked In A Kanchanaburi River Resort And Explore Kanchanaburi

The Kanchanaburi river resort is a tourist attraction that takes you two and half hours from the capital. It’s nearness to Bangkok makes it within limits to most tourists’ itineraries; hence, it is easier to reach. There are buses that take you to the town with air conditioner, making you have a comfortable ride. You’ll also be impressed with the lush green scenery and the laid-back way of life, which makes exploring the town so enjoyable.

The moment you step out from the bus, you are politely asked by locals where you plan to go. Once you’ve decided where to go, you will be taken to a Kanchanaburi river resort, where other backpackers are waiting just to be booked in this resort.  You’ll be transported to your desired location using a motorcycle taxi, which you may consider safe for travelling within this town. Fare is affordable even if you need to travel some miles away.

If you want to fill in your famished stomachs, you can go to a local restaurant and taste exquisite Thai cuisines. A friendly and hospitable waiter will take your orders from the extensive menu they have provided for you. You don’t only see international tourists dining in the restaurant but some locals as well. The restaurant is adorned with beautiful furniture, a lovely lawn and nice views of the river. After the meal, you can proceed to a simple and clean hotel room.

One perfect spot to see here is the Bridge with its historical background during the World War II. You won’t be impressed at the sight during your first visit; but it makes you recall what and how it was in the war days. It’s been popularised by a film with its epic proportions. The bridge is just a replica of the original bridge which has been reconstructed and restored to its original shape.

You will also want to see the Jeath War Museum, where you see how forced labour was done by the POWs Allied forces. It is remembered that they had bad death and diseases, which are captured and reminisced in old photos. After the tour, you can then head back to the Kanchanaburi river resort to enjoy the waters.