Authorities Advice More Caution In Receiving Plumbers In Sheffield

With the series of burgling and robbery around Sheffield and in other parts of UK involving plumbers in Sheffield, authorities advice the residents to be more circumspect in hiring plumbers no matter how immediate the plumbing issues is. In order not to attract potential robbery in your property, Sheffield local police has the following advice to residents:

  • Before hiring a plumber, make sure to check his background especially if he is an independent or freelance plumber. Ask for the contact information of the plumber’s previous costumers and find out if they were satisfied with the service and if they can recommend the plumber to you.
  • Avoid hiring the first plumber that you come across with no matter how attractive the advertisement is and even if you badly need a fix on your plumbing issue.
  • If the plumbers in Sheffield are connected to a company, verify from the company, based on the identification presented to you, if the plumber indeed is connected to the company and if he was the one sent to do the plumbing job in your home.
  • Avoid leaving the plumber to work alone in your house without anyone around. Choose a plumbing maintenance or plumbing job schedule where you will be in your house while the job is being performed.
  • Keep the doors closed especially those that lead to your bedrooms. As much as possible, keep your valuables such as electronic gadgets, jewelries, wallets, watches and similar items hidden from plain view. Authorities say that no matter how good the plumber is, when faced with temptations, you never know what he is capable of so it would be best to take extra precautions than to be sorry.
  • Do not leave the plumber to wander around the house on his own. Make sure to accompany the plumber if he needs to go to the basement, laundry area and other parts of the house where is not familiar with. Lead him to the area then leave the plumbers in Sheffield to work but let them know of your presence to deter any unwanted actions.