Apps That Put You In A Good Mood For Spring Cleaning

Are you happy about carpet cleaning? Certainly not and neither am I crazy for spring cleaning. However, do you know that carpet cleaning can be fun if you do it to the tune of music? There are apps for both iPhones and Androids that will not only make spring cleaning easier but fun.

Apps for the iPhone

Cleaning Checklist – help in organizing and managing household cleaning tasks. You can pick a room and choose the tasks like making the bed, dusting or cleaning the closets. It shows what percentage of the rooms has been cleaned and which rooms need more attention. Personal task reminders tell you to pick up cleaning supplies.

Chore Bank – helps set up a chore list if you want to encourage the kids to help with a monetary value assigned for each chore and whether it has been completed so that it can make deposits into the child’s account.

Apps for Android

Spring Cleaning Checklist – is an app that can make you fall in love with spring cleaning. Aside from making a spring cleaning checklist, it includes videos, tip, tricks and music you can listen to while carpet cleaning and sweeping dust from the floor. This is an app that you will probably use even after the task of spring cleaning has been completed.

Fly Helper – helps you in keeping the home clean and at the same time keeps your life up to date. It will give you reminders like “take a few minutes for yourself” or “check tomorrow’s calendar for events”. You can create zones to help you control house cleaning and ask Fly Lady what zone should be cleaned for the day. You can also get help in planning your menu.

There are also websites that give tips and tricks on how to make spring cleaning more organized and fun. There are also DIY decorating tips if you want to change the look of your home. On the other hand, every task becomes easier if there is music in the background. Listening to Black Eyed Peas can put you in good mood for spring cleaning.