An Attempt To Save Venues For Music

Toronto is now facing a big issue in terms of music venues which are starting to decrease in number and the city is doing something about it. The councilors of the city, John Filion and Josh Colle, brought forward a motion last November 9 that is asking for the attention of the economic development’s general manager and chief planner. The motion is asking them to devise a new strategy in order to preserve the current music venues as well as launch new ones.

According to Colle, the lack of spaces and the loss of it is not just a simple issue because two more have been unavailable since the motion was developed by the councilors. They understand this as a result of an evolving city and that these types of uses are being transferred from one location to another because of various factors such as cost and hype. He also added that despite the fact that there are many condos that are being approved for development; these are establishments that will not have enough room to hold a music venue.

Sad news for bars such as Hideout because the motion will not be able to help them anymore after they have hosted their very last music night on their location at Queen West last October 31. This is after the new owner of the building made a decision that live bands is not suited for their establishment’s vision any longer. Despite this, Dan Good who is the owner of the bar, have high hopes because of the motion passed and he is expecting that the City Hall will have a new approach regarding the issue. This is good news because Good has been planning to launch a new venue with his brother soon.

This is an ongoing issue all over cities such as London in United Kingdom. In Toronto, they are trying hard to balance the concerns of various parties such as the club owners, residents of condo units and landlords.

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