Algorithm That Designs A One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Playlist

Planning a wedding can be stressful for a couple. They have to search for marquees for hire in Sydney if the wedding celebrations will take place outdoors and choose flower arrangements, wedding cakes, lighting and music that match their personalities. However, some brides do not want the same songs that are played for every other couple during their weddings.

Aycha Sawa heard about Dream City Strings through a disc jockey that she hired for the wedding reception. The start-up from Milwaukee makes use of algorithms to select music for weddings. It is also used as the basis in selecting the assemble team of local musicians.

Brides are usually uninformed when it comes to wedding music because it not every day that they plan for such event. Aycha had to work with a company that can create a song list fitted for a classic and elegant wedding at a Wisconsin Club. Aycha walked down the aisle to the tune of Prince Denmark’s March that was played by a cello-flute-violin trio from Dream City Strings.

Jared Judge is an orchestral conductor and self-taught programmer. He started Dream City Strings in Milwaukee together with musician Keaton Viavattine less than 2 years ago. Now, Dream City Strings sends ensembles to perform at wedding parties.

More than 70 couples have already booked Dream City Strings for their 2018 wedding. There are also bookings for corporate retreats and events. The idea of the company is to streamline the process of choosing musicians and to ensure that they get paid.

Violinists, cellists, violists and flutists need a platform to be able to connect with wedding and event planners. There are very few opportunities for the musicians to show off the skills that they have honed for years. There are still people who would love to have their kind of music played during events.

If there are apps that can be used to make the selection of wedding music seamless, there are also marquees for hire in Sydney for outdoor wedding celebrations. Because marquees come in different sizes and designs, a wedding couple can choose the best marquee based on the number of the wedding guests.