Afternoon Tea In Ho Chi Minh City: Still Trending

One of the major factors that defines the richness and the depth of a culture is by looking at its local cuisine: what are they serving, what are they eating on a daily basis. In the old royal British years, the royalties during those years had a tradition in preparing for a heavy dinner which was during that time, happens around 8PM. This tradition, commonly known as the afternoon tea, can be attributed to Anna Maria, the 7th Duchess of Bedford in 1840. The main reason for this was Anna Maria was feeling hungry during the late afternoon because during back then, there were two meals: breakfast and dinner. The result was that Maria had her servants serve her up a pot of tea and light snacks which she would take in private. Through the years, the tradition of serving afternoon tea has evolved and in fact, this tradition has already reached many parts of the world that have rich culinary culture. For example, you can now experience taking a sip of an afternoon tea in Ho Chi Minh City at one of the hotels around the city.

There are now a million ways in which you can enjoy an afternoon tea in Ho Chi Minh City or in other major city in the world right now. Nowadays, this type of tea has been becoming popular on a faster rate and is now becoming an alternative channel which chefs can use to express their creative side of things and make their own and unique versions of this authentic British tradition. In fact, afternoon tea is no longer a practice that can only be seen in the royal families, or families who belong in the topmost spot of the society.  Since a decade ago when the resurgence of the afternoon tea began, afternoon tea is now a growing trend even among the masses. In fact, some cities, in Ho Chu Minh City for example, have restaurants and hotels that offer various kinds of afternoon tea that can suit to all pockets and different tastes. It’s a growing trend that will going to stay in the long period of time.