A Thai Restaurant In Bangkok Gives A French Twist

Make no mistake about it. Everyone who is a human being loves eating. In fact, some of us are now considering eating as part of their hobbies. Or, for professionals, there are some who make easy money just by eating a wide variety of food from any given location and they will explain to their viewers how the food are being made and finally, how the food itself really taste. If you want to do this job, then you must be prepared with basically everything that is edible in this world. Now, the number of restaurants, regardless if it’s a fine dining one or the usual fast food chain that serves our favourite burgers and fries, has seen a significant growth during the last several years and that growth can be very much attributed to the equally growing number of people that are needed to be fed at a specific location. And, more and more businessmen around the world have now realized that owning your very own restaurant will be very much beneficial to you financially as long as you are creative and unique enough to be able to sustain a certain level of competitiveness that will determine the longevity of your restaurant. For instance, you can be the owner of a famous Thai restaurant in Bangkok that specializes mainly in local Thai delicacies. For starters, the city of Bangkok, primarily in the Sukhumvit district, has a wide variety of restaurants and food stalls which hungry eaters can flock up to every time hunger strikes in.

Recently, a Thai restaurant in Bangkok, the Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, has announced that it’s giving its Thai meals a French twist meaning, you will now experience a different kindof Thai cuisine with a taste of France. Among the famous signature dishes you can now indulge in are the Frozen Red Curry with Lobster salad on the side and the, revolutionary slow cooked beef with an oyster sauce that is a specialty by the restaurant itself. In fact, 20 members of the local media were fortunate enough to witness first-hand how both dishes are being prepared through a demonstration that was conducted by Henrik Yde-Andersen, a Danish chef.