A Sophisticated Take On Ugly Christmas Sweaters – 5 Styles Every Woman Should Consider

You can find a variety of ugly Christmas sweaters in every corner this holiday season. Everyone is into to the crazy trend as more people and companies hold parties with such theme. But a woman’s gotta choose, to be ugly or to be sophisticated, right? I know they say it’s supposed to be ugly but some people just can’t let go of fashion and still aim for perfection, it’s pretty hard for this kind to throw away their creatively organized side. So for those who want to join the trend but are into keeping sophisticated details, continue reading below.

For the latest in actual sweater fashion, the runway is into thin knits suitable for tucking into trousers and skirts or for layering dresses. For the chunky knits they are still good to be styled with pencil skirts or skinny jeans. That being said, read through the knitwear essentials that still makes you fashionably in while riding on the Ugly Christmas Sweaters trend.

Striped Sweaters

In the vast world of printed garments, stripes are a classic and is ever undying. For those who want to remain tame and simple, stripes with the right Christmas shades and color mixture is the good way to go.

Traditional Fair Isle Sweater

Whether a classic Fair Isle knitting with Christmas details, for instance, a reindeer design, or modern heavy stripes approach, channel your inner Christmas bunny with a hippy style.

Figure Sweaterdress

From a mysterious maxi, a little wholesome midi or a sexy mini, there is unmatched sophistication and beauty a silhouette of a sweaterdress provides. Regardless of the design you randomly throw in there, the body conscious fit gives it class.

Classic Fisherman Sweater

The innate texture of the timeless knit of fishermen sweaters provides a classic ivory background of whatever added ornaments you may want to incorporate. A simple candy cane might be enough.

Cozy Turtlenecks

Regardless if it is a chunky knit or a thin knit, a turtleneck for the base sweater will be a great choice. Apart from keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the evening as you party, it will never go out of style and can still look pretty despite the ugly ornaments you desperately put on it just to make it count as one of the many ugly Christmas sweaters out there.