A London Radio Station Made For Tradespeople

London will soon be welcoming a new radio station that is designed for builders and tradespeople. According to Fix Radio, they will be providing music, information and playful banter that are aimed for painters and decorators, bricklayers, roofers, plumbers, plasterers and electricians. It does not matter if they are working in a specific building site or they have been hired by a homeowner.

The idea of the new radio station came from Louis Timpany who thought of the concept while he was looking to earn some cash by working on a building site. This is after his graduation from Leeds University.

Louis said that he had noticed how the builders love listening to the radio the entire day as they work but not one station can be agreed upon by everybody on the site. This is when he thought that it would be good to develop a station that is targeted especially for them.

Louis partnered with Paul Chantler, a radio content consultant, in order to create the idea he had in mind and they both research about the future listeners as well as advertisers involved.

Fix Radio will be playing songs that are up-tempo and well known during the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. There will be current songs to be played and weather forecasts will be provided daily together with news about sports. There will be playful banter from the DJs of the radio station. The schedule of the radio’s programming will be based on the daily schedule in the day of the builder including their breaks.

Louis and Paul were busy a few months after their partnership in conducting market research in Greater London in order to get to know more about the construction industry through the hundreds of tradespeople working under the sector.

Louis said that one of the major issue tackled is the need to have a detailed report regarding the day’s weather because the builders are able to plan their task if they know what the weather will be like.

Individuals and companies, such as BD decorators, will soon enjoy Fix Radio both in radio and online.