A Convenient And Safe Option For Motorcycle Riders To Enjoy Music

Even passionate motorcycle riders lover music while they are on the road. A helmet speaker is traditionally used until Headwave TAG introduced a new way to listen to music while riding the two-wheel transport. TAG is a Bluetooth-enabled audio exciter that can be attached outside the helmet. Energy waves will turn the helmet into speakers.

TAG measures four inches long by two inches wide and half an inch in thickness. It only weighs a few ounces making it easy to be installed at the back of the helmet using a double-sided tape. Music through TAG comes out loud and clear in country sides but can’t keep up in the highway. There are no wirings or microphones inside the helmet and cannot be used to receive phone calls.

Some motorcycle riders control their soundtrack through external speakers with accessories connected to the handlebars or into the fairings or trunk. While the system works efficiently, it has its share of drawbacks. When an external speaker is used, it has to be loud to be audible. This means that everyone around will hear the music. Since the delivery of clean sound at high volume necessitates a lot of power, the external speakers can tax the motorcycle’s charging system.

An option to the external speaker system is piping tunes directly to the helmet instead of in-ear monitors. However, to hear the sound of music as well as the sounds of sirens and horns, ear plugs must be used with the in-helmet speakers. In-ear monitors are also efficient but they can completely isolate you from the rest of the world which is not really safe when riding a motorcycle.

Another system makes use of Bluetooth technology. A receiver or amplifier is mounted outside the helmet but connected by wires to the in-helmet speakers and connected through Bluetooth to the music source like a mobile phone. Content and volume can be controlled through the phone while allowing hands-free calls.

Aside from music, motorcycle riders also need motorcycle parts to replace those are that worn out. Parts are available through physical shops and stores although there are more convenient online sources with prices that are more affordable.