3 Exciting Things To Do On A Liveaboarding Trip

You will never run out of things to do in a Similan island liveaboard trip. Whether you have the trip with your diving peers or on your own, you will enjoy just as much with all the exciting things you can do while on board. Here are some of the things to do while liveaboarding.

Enjoy the waters

If you are a scuba diver, liveaboarding is exactly the activity for you since the trip involves multiple dives including night dives. You get to marvel at the colourful marine life which can only be expereinced in the pristine waters of Thailand. If you are not a diver but wants to learn how to, there are available diving instructors that would readily teach you how to dive in those few days of liveaboarding. You can also learn to surf and sail or enhance your swimming skills in one of those sugary sand beaches that you will stop by during island hopping. Other exciting water activities that you can do during a Similan island liveaboard trip include snorkelling, wakeboarding, canoeing, whale and bird watching and fishing, among other things.

Discover different cultures

Wherever you come from, it would always be nice to discover new cultures whether the culture of the country you are visiting or the culture of the other guests of the trip. One way of discovering new culture while on liveaboard is thru the local cuisine served during meals. You can expect to have a unique gastronomic experience while on board because that is how most companies attract their guests; extraordinary service and unforgettable meals.

Meet new friends

To go on a Similan island liveaboard trip is one way of meeting new people. If you are on your own, you can request for a solo-friendly cruise where you get to share areas with single guests or you can also take the trip as an opportunity to deepen your relationships with the people in your group. A common experience is a great way to strengthen relationships or start a great new one. Book for a liveaboarding trip today, for an experience like no other.