2016’s Best Music Marketing

Jeremy Wilson of the Advertising Age listed the standouts in the music marketing and chose the top performers according to concept, innovation, presence and execution.

He mentioned that for this year, the gap between brand collaborations and music promotions is no longer present, and the record labels are creating their creative, influencer and content offerings.

He added that 2016 was about live, with VR/AR taking a backseat. Artists and brands took advantage of the live video algorithm from Facebook and the increase of live in every platform. Data and mobile were again methods for increasing the engagement with music.

These are some of his favorites, in no particular order.

“Over Here” multiscreen music video by Rae Sremmurd / Doritos

This was created on the idea that the fans enjoy music videos when watched in groups. This execution is about a music video which builds and becomes bigger as many viewers join screens together. It is a great example of utilizing mobile and building communities.

The Universe of Miles Davis by Miles Davis

This is a fantastic use of data storytelling. The interactive infographic shows his continuing impact to getting old fans discovering something new, attracting new listeners and creating sales.

“Make Me Like You” live music video by Gwen Stefani / Target

With a 250-people crew, a 32,000 sq ft sound stage plus a live Grammys broadcast, as well as additional live experiences via Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope, this live music video is a great undertaking.

House of Vans London Livestream by Metallica / Vans

This is an exclusive gig for 600 fans to launch the “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” album which was live streamed across the globe. The brands have learned that through live streaming, it allows for doing smaller events, inviting loyal fans plus influencers, then extending engagement through content and digital channels.


These are just a few of the ways of how musicians and the music industry are embracing music marketing online. Needless to say, regardless of what brand or industry a business is in, online marketing is shaping things up. This is where assistance from a Digital Marketing Company in Franklin helps improve reach and expand engagement to audiences.