$11 Million Funding Received By Josh.ai

Many have said that home automation will greatly benefit from voice-based computing because it will be simpler. This is now a challenge to huge companies including Google, Apple and Amazon as they develop their own products that is equipped with voice assistants incorporated in smart speakers. Music is very important to many Perth consumers and there are those that will purchase products where music is easily incorporated and home security in Perth is no exception. Though these companies have already released a number of products, their solution to this problem is still a bit lacking and there is still room for more improvement. There areas where they can improve such as configuring the smartphone in order to be integrated with the software interface and a better voice command that will execute orders better. This is why Josh.ai enters the scene.

The startup company has received a funding worth $11 million in order to create a more advanced home system that is equipped with voice control. At the end of this year, they are targeting to release their own hardware which will be used specifically for this purpose.

Josh.ai is based in Denver but it has also offices located in Los Angeles. The company is the brain child of entrepreneurs Alex Capecelatro who is the CEO and Tim Gill who is the CTO. They have worked before in another project called Yeti which is an application that provides social recommendations. Yeti started At The Pool but in 2015 the app was sold. Gill is the former founder of Quark which is also sold now. He decided to join Yeti afterwards and was appointed as the technical advisor. He was responsible for a handful of algorithms that were used by the app.

Now the two are partners again in creating a home security system. Gill has already created one for his home which is quite similar to the one developed by Mark Zuckerberg for his home which utilizes Artificial Intelligence. They both wanted to present to the public as well as those looking for home security in Perth a product that is not expensive but is using the latest interface possible.